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Advertise Your Business with Your Own Unique Vehicles; Get Your Brand on the Road

If you are a businessperson and own a car, then you have one of the greatest advertising platforms; you just need to know how to exploit it. For starters, if you drive around a lot, maybe to do deliveries or to meetings, you have a great chance to advertise your brand on the move.

Can you imagine it; a moving advertisement? Wherever the car is, your brand is visible. Think about it; whenever the car is stationary, everyone can see it. As you drive around, you give a chance to a wider audience to see what your business is about. The advertisement creates a presence in your locality, which in turn promotes brand recognition and eventually boosts sales.

The Trick to Successful On-Road Advertisement

One of the most important things to remember is to make the advertisement large enough and catchy. It has to be inviting so that anyone who sees the car will be inclined to know what your business is about. Choose your colors well and add memorable contacts such as a phone number or a simple memorable website that one need not write down.

Keep the design simple; too many details only confuse the viewers. Make sure that at first glance, someone can tell what your business is about and how to get in touch if interested. 

The commercial advertisement need not cover the entire vehicle. You can make use of car wraps that cover only a section of the vehicle. Keep the graphics appealing and easy to decipher. Make sure it is an attention-grabbing billboard that tells your story at a glance.

The Costs of Branding a Vehicle

The best thing about branding your vehicle is that it will not be competing with several others for a small space in a newspaper. Additionally, it is one-time cost: you need not keep paying for newspaper and TV space to have your advertisement. You can check out Marketing Donut for more on how to go about it.

What are the general costs of a moving billboard? Here are some of them

The Graphics Design

You need graphics that catches the eye and excites anyone who sees it to want to know more about you.  Therefore, you need to work with a professional graphics designer who will bring out your idea on a larger space. You need someone who will represent your brand well on the vehicle.

The Cost of the Car Advertisement

There are several options when it comes to advertisement on the road. 

Vinyl Car Wrap

These are the most common options either for full or partial cover. The vinyl can be easily customized, and it comes in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes and finishes. This is the best option when you are sure of the business branding options such as the colors. Get the graphics printed on it, the wrap sticks well on the car. This is also a great option when rebranding. For example, if you decide to change the company colors, you can simply do a wrap instead of repainting the vehicle. You can talk to the Promo Group to help you with the branding.

Individual Graphics

This is a considerably cheaper option compared to a full car wrap. However, when thinking of a partial or individual graphic, you need to ascertain that it can be seen. If you drive in the city a lot, a small graphic would do. However, if you are constantly on the motorway, you need a graphic that people can see even when you are at speed.

Individual graphics can be simple texts, cut outs or vinyl panels; your choice depends on the purpose of the advertisement. You can also brand the car on your own; you only need to get the best Sign Kits.

The Cost of Moving Around

Well, while you’d still move around even without the advertisement, you will still incur fuel costs. Since it is now a business car, you might want to know how to save on fuel. For starters, you can switch to LPG for more environmental friendly and cheaper fuel. Talk to BIG LPG service agents to help you convert your car.

Costs of Business Insurance

Once you switch your car from personal to business, you might need to change your insurance as well. It is important to look at your insurance contract and change the terms or take up another cover that will be appropriate for the new functions that the car now has.

What to Remember

A moving billboard will do wonders for your business, especially with a clever, clear design that stands out. It is effective and cheaper than traditional advertising methods. It is not a new concept; many companies, especially the pizza delivery vans, have been used for eons as moving advertisement. You only need to work with professionals to get your moving billboard effective.


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