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Hidden business resource on Twitter

Using Twitter for marketing

If there is one thing that reaches everywhere, it is the Internet. In computers, phones, tablets and smart TVs just to cite a few - our American fellows have even invetnted a fridge with access to social networks! - thousands of people around the world are constantly online. They browse their news feed and see hundreds of chunks of information. Now, with this scenario, online advertisement that sounds like a marketing agent’s wet dream: instantly accessing huge ranges of potential customers with little effort once you build up a relatively easy platform. What problem could there be?

Well, not all that glitters is gold, or in this case, pounds. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter can lead you to major audiences, but they also put a few obstacles here and there. Money-based, mostly. Twitter advertisement, in example, will charge companies for ads but not offer the most effective way to contact potential customers. While good news is that Twitter users scroll down messages from companies all the time, bad news is that Twitter users scroll down messages from companies all the time. Most of them are overlooked and never noticed. You company’s tweets will get lost in the sea of 140 characters based message bombardment, which isn’t very effective. And Twitter wants you to pay for that. Nice.

Don’t let this get you hopes down. Twitter is a great resource for business growth, just not in the way most people think it is. So, what’s the true value that is hidden behind the light blue bird?

Contact juice in Twitter

This social network is a true cornucopia of relevant information for your business. More precisely, contact information. Virtually any company has a Twitter presence, and their profiles have all info you need to contact them: website address, e-mail address, location, entry, language, etc. Twitter has basically become a worldwide corporative database. It would be really neat to be able to access all this contact information to run a focused marketing campaign, wouldn’t it?

As any neat thing for a company to do, you are being charged for it. That’s no surprise. Even more, the only way you can access this info via Twitter itself is by using its own means - tweets and DMs - to contact potential clients. Yet again, tweets are so short and so likely to get lost in the constant flow of not really relevant information all scrambled together in a news feed, that a Twitter advertisement campaign is pretty much lost money. You can contact more business though Twitter than through pretty much any other social network in the Internet, but how to go beyond the constraints of the Twitter structure?

Hacking Twitter

You can have direct access to contact information from thousands of companies who have Twitter accounts. For business growth hacking using Twitter , some informatic tools have been developed. These softwares can crawl databases like spiders - actually, that’s how they’re called - and search for all the juicy contact information that you are seeking for. 

Now, why bother running this software and generating an endless list of contacts? Wouldn’t all of them get your message in Twitter anyway? Well, as we have stated above, yes, they wouldn’t. However, if you have your potential customers’ contact information, you can run a more effective and efficient marketing campaign. Even if business advertisement is growing in social networks, marketing experts agree that the most effective way to get the attention of potential customers and even close some deals, is direct E-mail advertisement.

Once you have generated a contact list with one of these tools, as you bypass Twitter payments Email people directly becomes a reality. Experience shows that customers contacted this way are easier to track and more likely to catch on. Twitter For Business and growth hacking has helped many companies expand their portfolios and reach wider audiences.

Of course, this contact list will require some work. A second hand filter is never a waste of time; checking the websites of all those companies can size down your list a little bit so only relevant companies are left in. With the proper software, you can contact them and keep track of their responses to your advertisement - even be aware of whether or not they have even opened your e-mails. 

Twitter hacking services aren’t free, of course. However, this money is spent, not wasted. You get actual and useful results. You can use that information to run a highly effective marketing campaign based in direct contact. Being on Twitter is nice and all, but when it comes down to actual figures, nothing has ever beaten e-mail marketing campaigns so far.


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