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The impact of back links on your website


Running a business is not as simple as it seems to be. An entrepreneur in today’s time needs to think about and overcome a lot of factors in order to have a successful business. The fast paced economic time that we are living in has made the business world dynamic and running a business is like a race in itself. Even a small break or hindrance can make your business go from top to bottom!

The right exposure to your business is critical and marketing is the key to it. Marketing is the critical process of creating awareness to your business done through the use of different mediums. A good marketing strategy is required in order market your business in the right way and distinguishing it from other businesses in the same industry.

A business website is a must!

It does not matter which industry you are in and the type of business that you have; one thing that you must have in order to reach more potential clients and give exposure to your products and services is a website. Your own business website on the internet will give you the opportunity to meet thousands of potential clients who may end up purchasing your products or services. Online marketing has shaped up to be a market in itself and no business in today’s time can bear the risk of not being online. Not having a business website or your business information online is like simply stepping out of the potential online market where customers are actually looking for more. 

The simple rule to business applies here too; where there are people, there are chances of selling! This is what has taken up the spirit of business on the social networking platforms too! Businesses are using social media giants like Facebook for the purpose of conducting serious business online and they have been very successful too in this.

Website + SEO = Perfect!

A website is not really effective if it does not utilize the right search engine optimization techniques. Without the right SEO techniques, no one will really know about your website even though it is online. People normally find out about websites through search engines so you need to make sure that when they punch in the keywords that apply to your business, your website is among the search engine results. So getting your website optimized for search engines is mandatory if exposing your business to potential customers worldwide is your objective.  

Here are the benefits of having your website SEO optimized! 

•It helps in finding new customers through search engines.

•Get related traffic that is actually looking for what you are offering.

•SEO is a one-time investment unlike advertising which you need to keep reinvesting in. 

Hire a professional!

It is advisable to hire a professional SEO service provider who provides SEO with legit methods else the chances are that you website will get Negative seo attack. Hire a good and experienced SEO provider who will do a keyword analysis based on the products and services of your business and suggest the keywords which your website must target in order to get the maximum out of your SEO! 


Backlinks and Your Website’s Reputation

There are two important aspects of SEO which simply must not be overlooked: backlinks and your website’s reputation in the eyes of the search engine giant – Google. If websites with bad reputation are back linked to your website, it can ultimately cause the degradation of your website. Many developers and businesses were suffering from this issue but now Google has given the power to them to choose which website can back link to them and which website cannot!

This tool is found in the Google webmaster tools disavow and was recently released by Google. Using the Google disavowl tool is very simple and easy but the tool must be used with utmost care and caution. Only a professional who is aware about SEO and webmaster tools completely must undertake the tool in use. The tool is basically used in order to delete the currently existing back links which are coming in from not so good websites. This is done in order to improve your business website’s health and reputation. If many spam websites are linked back to you then Google will think that your website is also related and it may go in the black list. So, if your website is not yet search engine optimized, it is time for you to get into contact with a SEO provider and start the process today. You will definitely start noticing the increased traffic to your website within no time.


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