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Education in Ireland of Utter Importance

Education is undoubtedly an important aspect of a country’s general plans for its future. As such, providing a good education to the current generation who will go on to become the future leaders is an imperative task that must be undertaken with utmost care.

In Northern Ireland, the quest for providing a good education has been a long standing tradition as can be attested to by the vast number of schools with histories dating as far back as the previous two centuries.

Here we’ll discuss some of the top recognized grammar educational institutions present in the Belfast are of Northern Ireland.

Grammar Schools in Ireland

Grammar schools have a long and very well recognized stand in the whole of UK’s history. They have been a part of the education systems since the late 1840s or so and many of the current and upcoming education institutions have strong influences from these schools.

They are characterized mainly by the intake exam students have to take in order to get admission into these schools from the age of eleven onwards commonly termed as the ‘eleven plus exam’. Though this mode of admission has raised controversy for some, it still remains in place for many of these schools until a replacement is actualized.

Some of the top Grammar Schools in Belfast:

I.    Dominican College Fortwilliam

Even a brief look over the Dominican College Fortwilliam’s website can give you a pretty good idea of what this school is all about. It has its beginnings as early as the 30s and as such you can be assured they have a knack for providing only the best education a fact proven by its great reputation even today.

It is an all girl’s grammar school and is deeply concerned with enhancing good moral and Christian values within its students. It also boasts of a very well developed curriculum that has over the years changed to accommodate modern day needs and also offers particularly great attention to the students’ extra-curricular activities as well. Part of its education involves instilling ways on how to properly cope and interact with society for positive effects on different levels.

II.    Grosvenor Grammar School

Everything about Grosvenor Grammar School speaks of its class in providing great education. The first thing that may capture your attention may be its impeccable mission statement which in all honesty is what all great educational institutions should aspire to do; which is ultimately inspire their pupils into ambitious, hardworking and confident adults.
The schools boasts of a very inclusive staff and student body having a co-educational setup with an ever growing multi-cultural outlook. This kind of inclusivity means staff and students get to learn about new and different cultures and what to expect in the real world.
The curriculum is also very well developed and includes a vast array of extra-curricular activities to keep the students engaged in whatever other interests they have.

III.    Methodist College Belfast

Methodist College Belfast is a true testament as to what a grammar school is. With its origins tracing back to as early as 1858, this school has to this day remained at the top of the pile when it comes to providing holistic and excellent education all round.
Among many features that make this school top of the line in providing education includes the fact that it is interdenominational, co-ed and has a steadfast commitment to providing some much needed pastoral care for its students. It has a reputation for always having strong academic performances as well as being great at extra-curricular activities while competing with other schools locally and nation-wide.

Grammar schools aren’t the only educational institutions in the Belfast region. The area also boasts of a number of higher level universities and colleges that frequently feature among the top of the pile in UK university rankings.

Some other training institutions that deserve mention also include:

Totally English

This is a special learning institution dedicated to providing training in the English language to immigrants or foreigners who come to Belfast for whatever reason be it for business or for learning purposes. They also offer competitive prices compared to many others in the region and they boast of well trained and experienced trainers who also have a background in business.

Diversity NI

Diversity NI offers a wide array of services mainly dealing with languages; in that, they offer training in community interpreting, diplomas in public service interpreting as well as offering these interpreting skills to both public and private sectors.
They are well accredited for these services and can also be hired for translation services.


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